The Skunk Tales Trilogy

While each book in the Skunk Tales Trilogy can be read in any order or solo, indeed the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together the three adventures express different but interrelated aspects of environmental degradation, that of the mind and that of our land. Using animals to tell the stories, these allegories can be interpreted on many levels with an appeal to all ages. Throughout, classic themes are presented including the coming of age, bullying, responsible decision making, problem-solving, the art of negotiation, and more.

“Both Sebastian’s Tale and Norton’s Tale are imaginative, fast-paced, and thoroughly entertaining stories of quests for enlightenment.”

Karen Feridun

Environmentalist and Founder, Berks Gas Truth

“Sebastian’s Tale and Norton’s Tale, two of the three books in the Skunk Tales Trilogy series, are delightful and well-constructed allegorical fantasies.”


Walter M. Brasch

Ph.D., Author of Fracking America, Before the First Snow, and other books

“Dylan’s inventiveness, verbal puns, and fast-moving plot with so much at stake keeps Sebastian’s Tale and Norton’s Tale exciting and entertaining.”

Marat Moore

Retired editor of the ASHA Leader and author of Women in the Mines

Meet Dylan


Dylan, who earned advanced degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from CWRU and the University of Michigan, specialized in new service delivery systems for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders. She was a nationally recognized speaker and invited member of the HCFA (CMS) Multi-State Case-Mix and Quality Demonstration Project which established the prospective payment system for long-term care and quality of care indicators used by surveyors. For ten years…

Traveling Our Road

“Traveling Our Road” is a complex story simplified for children of all ages. In it the “Road” becomes a central character shared by Abigail and DJ, both of whom are faced with tragic circumstances…

Side By Side

Side By Side is a moving memoire of love and struggle between a couple sharing an unusual challenge – that of early onset Alzheimer’s disease … a diagnosis for DJ and a new client for Dylan…