Q&A with Local Author Dylan Weiss

Blog Post – This Awful Awesome Life.com
By Fran Joyce
November 2022

Dylan Weiss is the writing pseudonym for Gail Neustadt who earned advanced degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from Case Western Reserve University and the University of Michigan. Dylan has authored Skunk Tales Trilogy which includes Norton’s Tale and Sebastian’s Tale. Publication of the third in the Trilogy, Quinn’s Quill, will be published in 2023.

Side by Side: Traveling the Road and Sharing the Load of Alzheimer’s Disease 

The ASHA Leader Feature
May 2001 

It was November 1996. My husband and I were enjoying a concert of the Pittsburgh Pops. Two performers came on stage dressed as hobos with smudged faces, soiled baggy pants with patches, torn and tattered shirts, and sacks carried at the end of a stick. Their “shtick” was a song-and-dance routine.