The Wonderful World of Dylan Weiss

“The books beg the reader to reevaluate their worldview, place within the community, and relationship with nature. These whimsical stories could easily become part of a curriculum or a school reading list for Middle or High School students.”


Tara M Zrinski


“The first two books in the Skunk Tales Trilogy are delightful, adventurous and truly original stories. Reading them, for me, was like experiencing a new world in which I savored moments exploring! Just thinking about them makes me smile!


Maia Kincaid

Ph.D., Animal Telepathist, Author/Educator

“For me the most critical of Dylan’s themes is that all creatures and flora are being hurt by human activities which must be stopped if we are to leave a healthy environment for future generations.”


Iona Conner

Founder and Publisher, The Go-Back Club, A Simple-Living Brigade

Norton’s Tale

Sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help from her friends

Norton’s Tale is the first installment of the Skunk Tales Trilogy.

When the skunk Norton Bulymur is banished from the ancient land of Westphalia because of an experiment gone awry, he must escape to survive. His cousin Mordecai and a hodgepodge crew of unlikely sailors join forces, and together they embark on a perilous sea voyage in search of a new home.

Published by Red Engine Press

Sebastian’s Tale

The celestial planets align and destiny calls …

Sebastian’s Tale is the second installment of the Skunk Tales Trilogy.

Best friends Sebastian and Willie struggle to unravel an ancient prophecy and end a family curse, but danger lurks around every corner. Along the path from Pretendment to Enlightenment, Sebastian and Willie learn about a new and menacing enemy that threatens their future, and time is running out. Who — or what — is taking over Penn’s Wood? And why are the animals and people getting sick?

Published by Red Engine Press

Traveling Our Road

A storybook that helps explain Alzheimer’s to young minds
“Traveling Our Road” is a complex story simplified for children of all ages. In it the “Road” becomes a central character shared by Dylan and DJ, both of whom are faced with tragic circumstances – that of DJ’s early onset Alzheimer’s disease and that of Dylan’s role as a caregiver. Sustained by love and commitment, the author explains some of the challenges they face along their Road and the illustrator makes the story jump off its pages into your heart. Replete with verbal and visual symbolism, the story invites children to consider how they might communicate with impaired loved ones.
Published by Red Engine Press

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Quinn’s Quill
Quinn’s Quill is the third installment in the Skunk Tales Trilogy.
Abigail found herself thrust into a new environmental adventure after investigative reporter, Quinn Porcupine, tapped on her door and delivered a frightening message. Unlike her usual messages penned neatly on tree bark, this one was a messy scrawl indicative of Quinn’s hasty rush. And unlike the usual day-to-day woodland news, this message contained an evil foreboding based on an ancient Lakota prophesy about the end of the world.
Side By Side

Side By Side is a moving memoire of love and struggle between a couple sharing an unusual challenge – that of early onset Alzheimer’s disease … a diagnosis for DJ and a new client for Dylan. Written by Dylan Weiss, a speech/language pathologist with a specialty in individualized cognitive/communication programs, this unique memoir chronicles not only DJ’s early symptoms but also his major declines and the successful communication interventions Dylan created to enhance their relationship. Others who are struggling in similar situations as they grapple with fear, anger and depression will find hope and resolution in this memoire.