The Isle of Ills Another Look

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In the last post I asked passengers two questions …

    1. What do the Isles represent?
    2. What is Dave’s Diagnosis?

Only two passengers answered. One gave an esoteric answer but the other was “spot on.” Obviously with only two responses, it would be presumptuous to assume that the rest of the passengers “got it!” And, Electra let me know she had been dissatisfied with my “A-Bridged” version of Chapter 10. Thus, it was she who decided to circle back for another look…

In a flash we took off for the mysterious floating Isle leaving the first page of Chapter 10 far behind. Electra circled from above before landing and then traveled by wheels in the same direction taken by small but mighty Mousella Mouse. 

Electra: “Yup, Mousella was right. The floating Isle does look like a walnut. But have you noticed? It also looks like a brain.”

Me:  “No! How so?”

Electra: “Well, look again. Both the walnut and the brain are divided vertically in half with similar colors and tops.”

Me: “Hmm, at second glance I do see what you mean. But I also see differences. For instance, while a brain has folds on top a walnut has grooves. So, the brain is wavy and the walnut is kinda groovy. Don’t you agree?”

Electra: “I definitely agree with your analysis. Don’t forget that Mousella also told us the Isle’s perimeter curves gently and that its ground is soft and spongy.”

Me: “OK, so it looks like a walnut in shape. Are there any other similarities? And how about differences?” 

Electra: “Actually, that’s where the similarities between the Isle and the walnut stop. Now we need to compare the Isle and the brain.  Mousella told us the ground on the Isle is soft and spongy. It’s also like that in the brain. Also, take another look at the trees on this Isle. According to Mousella they grow flat against the ground instead of upright like normal trees. Don’t you find that unusual? Can you figure that one out?”

Me: “Of course it’s unusual and nope, you already know I can’t figure it out so just go ahead and tell me!”

Electra: “Much obliged! First off, in a brain the ‘not trees’ are also flat, same as on the Isle.”

Me: “Electra, I hate to interrupt you but what do you mean by ‘not trees’? If they aren’t trees, what are they?”

Electra: “They’re called neurons and they also have branches called axons and dendrites. Just like on the Isle, these brain branches stretch out connecting one to the other. Plus, both the Isle’s tree branches and the brain’s axons and dendrites have endings which exude a pulsating substance making them alive with energy.”

Me: “WOW, I finally understand. The Isle IS a brain! But it’s called the Isle of ILLS. What illness does this Isle have? Can we keep up our exploration and find out?”

Electra: “Sure,  I’ll keep my wheels on the ground and continue traveling toward the left side of the Isle, just as Mousella did.”

Me: “WOW! Looking through your window, I see lots of decay ahead. The branches seem to be tangled, twisted and snarled and there are  patches of hardened gunk all around.”

Electra: “Not only that, but from down here I don’t see much liquid coming from the axons or dendrites. There’s barely a spark of energy left in any of their endings.”

“Do you recall Mousella hearing a faint moan coming from one of the almost hardened blobs at the end of a distant branch? After that she heard some actual speech, although garbled, from another less hardened blob.” 

Me: “Yes, how could I ever forget? It was shocking! The first blob moaned the name Amy and the second one said the name Lloyd. Then Lloyd explained how they both had been pet hamsters in a far away land until becoming old and useless. After that the hamsters were taken to a distant island where they were left to harden and sink.”

Electra: “Correct. Lloyd said they had an illness called Old Hamster’s Disease. Let me further explain. You see, amyloid is a substance found in Alzheimer’s diseased brains. So Chapter 10, The Isles of Ills, is an allegory. Its hidden meaning intends to reveal the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease – Dave’s diagnosis.

Stay tuned to learn more …


  1. Barbara Trachtenberg

    Makes me sad to read this … nonetheless, as always, it is cleverly written

  2. Dylan Weiss

    Barb, I always appreciate your comments, your friendship, love and support! Of course you know why I haven’t written for a while. I think Electra is such maybe in a “no fly zone” because of Dylan’s moving move! So … that will be where Electra goes next.


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