The Doldrums Corridor

by | May 5, 2022 | Sky Writings with Electra | 1 comment

True, I was stuck in the Doldrums and needed to leave The Isle of Ills immediately. If not, we would all become hardened and sink to the  bottom of a murky sea. Electra was spot on when she urged “… take to the skies despite the messed up world below. You MUST select a new destination!”

Electra: “Hurry up, ‘it’s now or never.’ You can’t afford to be indecisive! Where to next?”

Everyone anxiously awaited my answer. But, before the ‘big reveal’ and subsequent take off, I admit to some obsessive-compulsive procrastination. Previously I had considered the use or, non use, of idioms. And, well … ‘stuck in the doldrums’ is just that, an idiom. How could I possibly proceed without knowing its derivation?


So, I asked Google, President of the Question Club, “What the heck are doldrums?”


As expected, Google had many answers but directed me first to the Oxford Dictionary where I subsequently chose the following definitions: 

  1. Doldrums are a state of inactivity or stagnation causing a spell of listlessness or despondency.
  2. Doldrums are an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with calms, sudden storms, and unpredictable winds.

I knew the first definition had to do with mood. But, the second definition, the one having to do with weather was new to me. Considering the two definitions, the first one must have derived from the second. Obviously if there is a lack of wind, sailors must find other ways to propel their craft and if depressed one must find ways to move forward, out of their funk. 

So, ‘pulling myself up by the boot straps,’ I instructed Electra to leave 1996 behind, fly forward 10 years and land on the snow covered oval next to the workout center, pool, and clubhouse which, by the way, was directly across from my Presto townhome.

Electra: “Well it’s about time! I’ve been hoping to visit your Presto home for a while now and I was beginning to wonder … would we ever get there? By the way, I’m curious. There’s a particular saying that goes like this … ‘Presto, Chango.’ It’s used by magicians who pull rabbits out of their hat after waving a wand. 

Means the same thing as abracadabra. Given your move to Presto, PA in 2002 and the fact that you had already been living there four years, did you experience any magic while there? And if so, did Presto cause any Chango?

Me: “Yes indeed! It did. I’ll tell you all about it when we get there.”

Electra opened her door, I climbed in, and quickly buckled up. In a flash, even faster than a speeding bullet, we had landed in the backyard of my Cherry Hill townhome. It was December 23, 2002. The magic of Presto/Chango was about to begin.

Stay tuned to learn more …

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  1. John Rachel

    “… I admit to some obsessive-compulsive procrastination.”

    OCP? I have no idea what this must be like. I actually start working on things before I know I need to get them done. Thus, my life is full of works in progress about which I have no grasp or hint of understanding. Like the ball of string I’ve been collecting since high school. It’s now over 8′ in diameter and I’m sure weighs over 250 lbs. It’s getting hard to move, so I just keep it in my Uncle Walter’s garage. His car is now covered in rust, since he has no place to shelter it. If anyone out there needs string, just connect with me on Instagram.


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