Dave’s Tale

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Sky Writings with Electra | 3 comments

Ya know, only one traveler guessed the title of my picture book. Honestly — I thought it would have been obvious. After all, the word tale in “Dave’s Tale,” or story, sounds the same as the word tail, which, before he had lost it, belonged to Eeyor of “Winnie the Pooh” fame. Words that sound the same but which are spelled differently and have different meanings are, as we learned in elementary school, called homophones. And homophones, especially for writers, are often used  in a jocular manner. Consider the double entendre, or  play on words, known as… drumroll please –


Admittedly, I fell in love with the “pun” after meeting a “mender of bad soles” in Act 1, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Thus, therefore, and without further ado, I present to you four excerpts from “Dave’s Tale.”

Two introductory pages: 

Two Final Pages: 

Joey sat in the comfort of my lap as I read the new book. As instructed, at the end of the story, Joey kissed the picture. Then he lifted the flap that had been covering Dave’s face and, voila, a new and smiling picture appeared allowing Joey to accomplish for Dave what he had not been able to accomplish for Eeyore. The implication in “Dave’s Tale,” that one could have a sad outer smile but still have a happy “inner smile,” portrayed a subtle concept which Joey grasped.

Having fulfilled my mission, I thought it time to move on. So, after gathering the passengers and saying goodbye to my home of twenty years we trudged our way through heavy December snow back to Electra who was still waiting in the backyard.

ELECTRA: “Been back here all by myself since Thanksgiving and now it’s the end of December. Glad you finally decided to go elsewhere. So, where are we off to next?”

ME: “Hmmm, We’re still in 2007 and I’m thinking we need to go back.”

ELECTRA: “How far and why?”

ME: “I’m thinking, about six years to 2001, cause that’s when the magic really started.”

Suddenly our conversation was interrupted when, from inside the house, we heard … ring, ring, ring.

Stay tuned to learn more …


  1. John Rachel

    Good thing that phone wasn’t set on vibrate.

    • Dylan Weiss

      Hi John. Thanks, that’s pretty funny given no vibrating cell phones in 2007! ?

  2. Mim Bizic

    Another great tale from Gail! You’re such a magic person creating puns for fun and getting the best from everyone. Keep ‘em comin’!!!!


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