A New Calling

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ELECTRA: “Hurry up! Get going! Answer the phone, it’s been ringing off the hook for what seems like forever. What are you waiting for? We’ve been on the ground for, hmmm, let me see – at least 10 seconds.”

ME: “Uh, Are we here? Here, as in behind my house on that warm summer afternoon?”

ELECTRA: “Yup, it’s July 16th. Now hurry, answer that phone! Get it? You’re being called!”

ME: “Yes, I know. I know it’s that call, the one both literal and figurative. The one we both know will be transformative.”

I, along with my curious passengers unbuckle our seat belts, hurry down Electra’s steps, run as fast as we can from the backyard to the front of my 2007 home and fling open the front door. Once inside I race to the phone and pick up the receiver while my passengers watch from their usual corner of the living room. Out of breath, I answer …

ME: “Hello.”

Dr. Michelle: “Hi Dylan. Great to hear your voice, it’s been quite a while. Don’t think we’ve spoken since you wrote that award-winning article, ‘Side By Side’, for the ASHA ‘Leader,’ hmm, about six years ago.”

ME: “You’re right, but at least we’ve exchanged family newsletters almost every Christmas. Sounds like you’re doing super at OSU. But, believe me, we miss you here in the Burgh. Hey, Columbus isn’t that far away, we should plan a get-together.”

Dr. Michelle: “Great idea, now listen, although I loved your previous ASHA article, and so appreciated your including a couple of sidebars about my research on Memory Wallets, I love your follow-up article even more. That’s why I’m calling.”

ME: “Thanks. It was difficult to write but knowing others might benefit from a similar approach and not wanting to let Marat down after asking me for a follow-up to ‘Side By Side,’ well, there you have it. So, what’s up?”

Dr. Michelle: “As far as I’m concerned, your new article, ‘Still Traveling The Road,’ is extraordinary. I’m heading up ASHA’s ‘Call For Papers’ for this year’s annual Convention. It’s in Boston and, fingers crossed, I’m hoping you’ll present a workshop on specialized communication programs for individuals with dementia. Most importantly, I want you to include a ‘show and tell’ about the short book, ‘Dave’s Tale,’ you created for your 2 1/2-year-old grandson.”

ME: “Wow, I’m both honored and flattered but I haven’t been away from Dave in years. He’s end-stage on hospice so I’m hesitant to leave. When is the conference?

Dr. Michelle: “November 15. Even though it’s for several days, you don’t need to stay the entire time. Think about it and let me know.”

Stay tuned to learn more …


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