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by | Nov 23, 2021 | Sky Writings with Electra | 2 comments

Let’s look back on last week’s experience, and what an experience it was, allowing the multitude of Electra’s passengers into my shower … one at a time! Analytics revealed that about 50% of the horde were able to see my second pen name, “Dylan Weiss,” scribbled in stone on the wall of my shower stall while the other 50% could not! So glad I excelled in arithmetics! 

We all needed a break after this unusual revelation, or lack thereof, so I invited the gang into my living room for refreshments. We sat, crowded together on various pieces of furniture while others, who were able, sat cross-legged on the floor. With permission from my Home Owners Association, Electra was parked over the hill, in a large circular lot between my home and a playground. Beyond the playground, one could see a once beautiful meadow transformed into a series of “Discovery Paths” for hikers, bikers and dog walkers. The parking lot, previously a dump, but euphemistically called a landfill by township officials, was an aberration due to illegal dumping of probable frack fluid and other junk resulting in high levels of arsenic. It had to be paved over … thus a now necessary unnecessary parking lot! 

As we plunged into a discussion of the analytics, Ben Price, a most astute passenger, made the following comment which some of you may have read but which deserves attention nonetheless.

Here is what Ben had to say …

“Like clouds in the sky, faces of the Green Man in forest trees, a Rorschach test . . . we project ourselves “out there” into the world and, if we are present enough to notice, understand that world is a mirror and that we look back upon our own souls from its seemingly three dimensional realness. What is “real” is what projects the reflection, thus the handwriting on the wall is a true name”

My response was …

“Ben, your analysis of the “Hand Writing On the Wall” is, as my four Grandkids would say, “Spot on,” or “You nailed it!” Figure/ground experiences are truly magical when what really matters pops out just when you need an answer to a perplexing problem. My responses to a series of such mystical moments have driven me forward for the past 20 years, helping me through the difficult 15+ years of my late husband Dave’s early onset Alzheimer’s disease.”

Last week I told you how utterly astonished I was re the handwriting on the wall. It had been there for may years but why, suddenly did it reveal itself to me? Perhaps the circumstances were ideal. I was daydreaming while washing my hair with a product by Sebastian. Of course, Sebastian Skunk is the protagonist in my book “Sebastian’s Tale.” How coincidental!

So who, you  ask, is Dylan? Dylan Jade is one of my two Granddaughters. She was named after my late husband, David Jay and shares his calm nature. And what about Weiss? Weiss is the maiden name of my inventive maternal Grandmother Fannie.

Until next week, I’m off to pumpkin pie baking (I love the recipe on the back of Libby’s canned pure pumpkin) and wish all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned to learn more …


  1. Iona Conner

    Very nice, “Dylan.” I finally made time to read this. Thank you!

    • Dylan Weiss

      Very welcome. Hope you and yours had a blessed Thanksgiving and will also enjoy a happy, healthy, safe holiday season.



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