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My final sentence from last week’s Pre-Thanksgiving post was …

“Until next week, I’m off to pumpkin pie baking  (I love the recipe on the back of Libby’s canned pure pumpkin) and wish all a Happy Thanksgiving!”

However I came up “a day late and a dollar short,” as the saying goes. Went to several grocery stores but voilà no Libby’s canned pumpkin to be found. What to do? Used a different brand of canned packed pumpkin which lead to a different recipe which lead to the worst pumpkin pie I ever made which lead to the best ever apple pie with my killer crust (let me know if you want the recipe). 

Electra, is still parked in the lot between the playground and the Meadow Paths while I, her pilot, catch up after a bountiful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday with relatives. I’m hoping my passengers also enjoyed the holiday break and have returned ready to re-board Electra for parts unknown. 

In the last several blogs I have answered two of the most frequently asked questions, why I chose a pen name and why the name Dylan Weiss. So now it’s time to answer the third most frequently asked question, what motivated me to write in the first place? To understand that, I must delve into a sequential series of cryptic life events which lured me into the writing genre of creative nonfiction. 

According to Einstein, “Time is an illusion that moves relative to an observer.” Thus I have chosen my little red plane, Electra, to move us back and forth in time, speeding from the present to the past and maybe even into the future as I weave the creative nonfiction writing tapestry of Dylan Weiss. 

Once again my passengers are comfortably seated in my living room awaiting their travel instructions. I remind all … “While we are currently in the present, our journey will quickly hurl us into the past. The whether, dependent on your reaction to emotional turmoil may be rough.” I say farewell to a few passengers who are concerned about such travail, but welcome those who are curious about the trip we are about to take.  

Stay tuned to learn more …


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