Dodgem/Bumper Cars

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Sky Writings with Electra | 1 comment

Last week, after making our way through the Fun House, I announced, “We will stay in 1965 until the beginning 2022. “So, Electra, still parked along the shoreline of Lake Erie, awaits while I, along with Dave and my passengers, linger at Euclid Beach for two more weeks.

“Where to next,” I ask the passengers? Dave, still in 1965 with me suggests, “How about bumper cars?” Holding hands we begin to run diagonally across the park, with passengers in tow, to another all time favorite, the Dodgem. I pick a red bumper car. Red because it’s the color of love! Red because it reminds me of, Electra! And red because my publisher’s name is Red Engine Press … WOWEE, yet another coincidence! 

Once we are all settled into a seeming sea of small colored cars the operator reminds us of the safety rules before starting up the electronics, “Keep hands and legs inside, buckle seatbelts and no standing up or getting out of your cars.” Dave, in the driver seat, grabs the steering wheel, steps on the floor pedal and away we go, swerving left and right in twists and turns as he tries to hit others while simultaneously attempting to avoid our being hit. Of course we know this is impossible since all twenty cars crash, careen, spin and jerk as riders are thrown around, back and forth, up and down. So what’s a little whiplash, concussion or bruise when you are having so much fun which is underscored by the shrill screams and hysterical laughter of all the participants. And we were only going about five miles per hour! When the ride comes to a stop, we bail out feeling a bit dizzy but ready for a repeat experience or perhaps it’s time for a picnic break. Dave and I go for the picnic break. I already know what’s inside the family basket Mom packed for us and it’s yummy!

Stay tuned to learn more …

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  1. Gerda Bretton

    I love all of the authenticity of the car and the signs as well the ride itself. I can’t wait to see what is yummy for lunch.


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