The Fun House

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Sky Writings with Electra | 1 comment

So, we exit, dizzy from the swirling star studded finale of our surreal Laff in the Dark experience, staggering out, ready or not, to be lured by, larger than life, Sal with her unnerving gapped-tooth laugh. Rushing past creepy Sal, we’re on to the “Fun House,” a walk through rather than ride through escapade. 

I am wearing a light weight print summer shirt-waist dress which, to Dave’s delight, is blown upward, Marilyn Monroe style, when I step on one of the many floor air holes placed here and there to cause that very “OMG” occurrence. Of course, for several seconds my white Lollypop panties, are visible! How very embarrassing but, of course, I can’t wait until it happens again!

I make my way through the “Fun House,” followed by Electra’s passengers, whom I cannot see but whom I can hear shrieking and laughing, same as I, at the many shocking sites and impossible catastrophes. After turning a corner, where a high pile of boxes threaten to fall on my head, I find myself entering another artificial environment, this time designed to look just like a barroom scene. The room itself is sharply tilted to the right forcing a stagger, as if drunk. The very slow go makes me feel as if there is no end in site. But finally we do come to the end, only to be startled by a fake owl hooting loudly in a fake tree as we exit.

“Whew, boy I’m glad that’s over!” After each of the passengers vacate the “Fun House” we gather in front of Laughing Sal, where I announce,“It’s time to leave!” Electra is parked somewhere along Lake Erie’s shore staving off many who think the little red plane is another ticketed ride. Moaning, all the passengers beg, “Puleeze, can we stay longer?” Although none want to leave Euclid Beach, I warn that, like Pinocchio, if we stay too long on this Pleasure Island, Electra will run out of her imaginary gas and not be able to deliver us to any more parts known or unknown! And, “Heavens to Murgatroyd,” what then will become of us? In response to their pleading, I make the following announcement … 

“OK, we’ll remain in 1956 for a couple more weeks, at least until the present year of 2021 is over. Then, Electra will whisk us forward to …? 

Stay tuned to learn more …

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  1. Barbara Trachtenberg

    Noah’s Ark in kennywood park ???
    Wonderfully familiar


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