Dear Passengers,

Electra joins me in thanking you for two years of time travel adventures. And I thank Electra for helping me reflect upon and then express past events in my life. During our thirty-one excursions, some exciting, some informative, some sad, I attempted to answer the most frequently asked questions about my self-imposed writing career: Why do I use a pen name? Why the name Dylan Weiss? How did I come to write creative nonfiction? 

Having completed this back story, I hope you will continue to travel with me as I embark on a new Sky Writing adventure. The future awaits and, with it, another book. It was from “Norton’s Tale,” and “Sebastian’s Tale,” two of the books in the “Skunk Tales Trilogy,” that five animals and two humans were selected to be characters in “Dave’s Tale,” which evolved into “Traveling Our Road,” published in 2022. 

While writing “Traveling Our Road,” the third book in the “Skunk Tales Trilogy,” took root and is now an outline in my head. Soon we’ll have some fun developing the outline for “Quinn’s Quill.” Who, you may ask, is Quinn? If you take a wild guess from the book’s title, you may realize she’s a porcupine. Yup, a porcupine who, as an investigative reporter, uses one of her sharp quills to take notes while solving a Catch-22 situation in Penn’s Woods.

So, accompanied by Quinn, I plan on navigating new blogs via an aerial cousin of Electra, a hot air balloon extraordinaire named Wish. Not to worry, our past thirty-one excursions will be relocated to “Freebees,” a new page on my Website, compiled in book format with chapters.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t explain why I selected a hot air balloon for our new aircraft. And why I named it “Wish.” Actually, I didn’t choose the balloon; it chose me. Two curious balloon events ten years apart determined the unfolding of yet another mystical drama. Here’s what happened. It was a Sunday morning in 1992 when a strange fluttering sound from outside awakened me. The sound, soft at first, grew louder as whatever it was got closer. Finally, when it developed into a loud flapping noise, Dave was also awakened. We peered out the window together and were astonished to see a hot air balloon headed for our house. As did many neighbors, we grabbed our bathrobes and ran out front to watch the event. When the balloon landed at the Trotwood West and Cook School Road intersection, it seemed like a veritable “Come-As-U-R Pajama Party. So, I welcomed our guests by saying…

If I knew you were comin’, I’d’ve baked a cake

Baked a cake, baked a cake

If I knew you were comin’, I’d’ve baked a cake

How-ja do, how-ja do, how-ja do?


Stay tuned to learn more…